Supercute Unicorn Backpack



The UNICORN kids backpack shaped like a soft and cute UNICORN with adorable big eyes, a sparkly horn and soft ears, is a bright and colourful fun addition to your child's wardrobe. The adorable detailing of his face and ears, the comfortable and ergonomically designed shape and straps, means it's the perfect bag for your child to take everywhere. On a picnic, to kindergarten, to a museum, the bag is the perfect shape to fit a drink, snack and favorite toy. Age appropriate for 2-8 years. Watch the bag become your child's best friend! The safety harness allows your child to walk with the backpack in front of you so they can't run off from you.

SUPERCUTE' 3D DESIGNED UNICORN kids travel backpack is moulded into a sturdy form to retain its likeness to a very cute UNICORN. With a pearly horn, rainbow colored hair, adorable big eyes and a lovely smile, UNICORN backpack is a wonderful addition to every child's wardrobe.

ADORABLE SOFT UNICORN FACE with soft neoprene fabric ears and big bright eyes, a cuddly and cute backpack for your child to take everywhere!

PADDED ADJUSTABLE STRAPS with soft perforated fabric for your child's comfort and ease of wearing.

ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED for your child's ease of pulling on themselves and adjusting straps for a snug fit.

BRIGHT AND COLOURFUL to help locate your child in a crowd, or use as a great dress up addition. Appropriate for ages 2-8 years.

THE PERFECT GIFT for a kids party or a special occasion present for those special children in your life.