Lightwood Humidifier with LED light
Humidifier Diffuser

Darkwood Humidifier with LED light



This elegantly designed aroma and essential oil 400 ML diffuser allows continuous or intermittent flow, helpfully equipped with a timer, its the perfect way to imbue a room's air with essential oils without burning unsafe and toxic candles, all night long. It's beautiful shaped design and compact size, is the perfect addition to every child's bedroom or quiet space in your home. With the option of using the night light, young children will feel more secure with it's presence in their bedroom. The seven different colors can be cycled through or fixed on one color. A beautiful gift for any expectant mother or for an asthmatic child's bedroom, to use during yoga, study or sleep.

DIFFUSES AROMA AND ESSENTIAL OILS – is the perfect way to imbue a room with essential oils without burning unsafe and toxic candles. The essential oils removes bad odors and relieves stress whilst you study, relax or sleep.

A UNIQUE DESIGN- this elegant shaped design is a beautiful addition to every child's bedroom or quiet space in your home. The timber effect is a tasteful but safe finish to your humidifier.

THERAPEUTIC BENEFITS- By adding moisture to the air, and the aroma of essential oils, breathing and relaxation are improved.

LIGHT SETTINGS AND CAPACITY- The LED light options can either cycle through the seven relaxing colors or be fixed on one color. There is a choice of brightness level.

EASY TO CLEAN- interchange all of your favorite aromas and essential oils; to assist with sleep, relaxing or calming anxiety, this humidifier can assist with so many health benefits for your family. Simply rinse out water base and choose a different oil the next time you use. Never exceed the maximum water line shown on humidifier base for safety reasons.

6-10 hours mist time. Timer options are 1 hr, 3 hrs, 6 hrs or continuous. 40-70 ML/HR. It shuts off automatically when the water runs out. 12W power, 400ML water tank capacity, 2.4 MHz ultrasonic frequency.